Your tax provision can be faster, more accurate and less stressful

Join us for a look at the challenges faced by tax professionals around the income tax provision. See how complexity created by the current landscape and increasing demands on the tax department are making traditional calculation methods prone to inaccuracies.

We will also give you a look at the next generation of CrossBorder Tax Provision, a cloud-based solution, which outperforms manual Excel processes in numerous ways including:

  • Achieving error-proof calculations
  • Automating up to 70% of your provision processes
  • Up to 65% faster than using Excel alone or the major software providers
  • Faster with implementation times up to 50% faster than other major software providers and a product that is less complex to use
  • Being able to spend more time on strategic tax planning and less on manual, error-prone processes

If you want a less time intensive, less stressful income tax provision calculation, register to watch this webinar.

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